Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thank R2

Hello ladies ..delay my detox products post first ..I would like to share this R2 (as whitening supplement)It really helpful..As A ladies who really want a fairer, brighter ,smoother skin ,you can think about this product.. I consume 2nd box and I finished .. I stop taking R2 almost one month but my skin still in good condition ..haha,mean this product won't turn back as previous your skin if you stop it ..
Let's me show you the photo that I took 
You can compare it 
This was the photo that I just taking R2 for 2 weeks 

This photo show I finish a box of R2 results 

This photo show I finish 2box of R2 and stop consume 1month photo ..taking by this month only 

PS:Photo without any TR/ZR ,without editing ,just using IPhone front/back camera only 

So what I can say about this R2? R2 really a good product that I haven't see,it really work .. 

For more info can wechat-babychery92