Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rush up 2+ 45kilos Slimming life

Hello guys,is time to update my daily slimming routine..21st April 15 I delivered my son till now 29th September 15, between this 5 months,I changes a lots by just losing my weight and body figure .. from XL size to M size (seriously babe)..
As I knew from my feeling after the delivery I feel very sad when I stand in front on the mirror when I'm out from my confinement..I feel how come my body turn like this ? How to wear back my previous dress in M size ? How to avoiding other people asking me why your belly still very big after give birth ?( seriously I had been ask many many times when I meet my relatives ) Feel very impressive.. 
So as my previous post right ,during my confinement days I only using rush up 2 on my body and face ..After confinement ,em..about Jun I staring finding a slimming product so I found slimming pill name as 45kilos slimming pills

I really lost my weight from 62kg(after delivery weight)to 52 kg (totally 10kg ) by only 1 treatments in 3 months ..(I started took 45kilos slimming pils during June) 3 boxes as 1 treatment...  45kg is my target (fighting )

This was my life after confinement ..work for slim cause I don't want laugh by other peoples ..I want let peoples see little bit changes from me ..I still want to look very fabulous although I'm the mother of 2 kids..

Photo show time ...
The photo show during confinement by using rush up 2 

Now this is me ..I found back my body ..muahaha.. 45kilos + rush up 2 

 Last month,August ..during my birthday celebration ..both outfit in M size ..Yes ,in M size , proud to say that I am the mother of two ,and I still wearing M size ..

Am I look gorgeous after slim down ..say thank you to rush up 2 slim my chubby face (the only rush up oil can apply on the face only ,other slimming product can't ya) that why I am so in love with rush up ...

PS:Rush up agent please don't stole my photo ya, cause I had found my previous rush up post focus at my face ,although I put watermark but he/she still covering my watermark and post at Instagram or other social network 

           This photo had been stolen 

This was my journey to slim down and I really put afford in time and also money to make myself pretty ..For me,look pretty not for showing to other people but it make yourself more confident .. remember Guys always want NEW...Invest yourself otherwise Guys will invest other persons (finger crossed)

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I recently as beauty slimming product agent ..Any problem can wechat me ..I am willing to help ..

Next post will be talking about detox product ..