Saturday, May 16, 2015

Confinement days by using Korea Rush-up

Aloha,every's damn boring during my confinement day..and I felt sad when looking my figure front of the mirror..Ya,really sad and I turn fat..Due I gained my weight 20kg for my second pregnancy..really hard to turn slim for this time compare with previous pregnancy..But until I used Korea Rush Up 2..what I can say is OMG..really work on me..Actually Korea Rush Up I bought was 1st generation in frigile bottle..I use after delivery my daughter till left 1 bottle and I got pregnant again..I can show you all my real photo that I just apply for almost one week in twice times daily..
it is really safe for people who had going for cesarean ,Korea rush-up was non-sticky ,feeling hot or itchiness after applying..And I also apply on my face cause my face turn really really chubby after gained too much of weight.. 
For those who interesting or any question with Korea Rush-up can wechat me @ babychery92
I'm willing to answering you anytimes..

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