Monday, May 25, 2015

V Face back

Hey guy ..currently I having another challenge for myself by using Korea Rush Up was super duper effective to slim my jaw just using for almost 2week...By the way my super fat belly still on processing ..Em..for me at least I slim a bit compare with previous..You can read back my previous post,and see the photo..So here are my photo for my face..You can see the left photo my chubby face when I was pregnant,and right photo is the photo of me now..
Photo show the truth..You may wechat-babychery92 for ordering..and for more slimming product..tq 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Confinement days by using Korea Rush-up

Aloha,every's damn boring during my confinement day..and I felt sad when looking my figure front of the mirror..Ya,really sad and I turn fat..Due I gained my weight 20kg for my second pregnancy..really hard to turn slim for this time compare with previous pregnancy..But until I used Korea Rush Up 2..what I can say is OMG..really work on me..Actually Korea Rush Up I bought was 1st generation in frigile bottle..I use after delivery my daughter till left 1 bottle and I got pregnant again..I can show you all my real photo that I just apply for almost one week in twice times daily..
it is really safe for people who had going for cesarean ,Korea rush-up was non-sticky ,feeling hot or itchiness after applying..And I also apply on my face cause my face turn really really chubby after gained too much of weight.. 
For those who interesting or any question with Korea Rush-up can wechat me @ babychery92
I'm willing to answering you anytimes..