Friday, November 27, 2015

I did it ! Sure u can too !

Hello peoples ,can't believe I am the mother of 2 kids ..since 1st pregnancy fr 45kg to 57kg,after delivery 2 month back to 47kg ..2nd pregnancy fr 45kg to 75++kg >< >< after delivery just reduce 5kg ..During confinement weight still maintain in 70kg.. Until I meet my products (korean rush up 2 , 45 kg ,maqui detox )In 3 month I lost total 20kg (September 52kg) And now Nov I maintaining 50kg...I did it ..sure u can too
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thank R2

Hello ladies ..delay my detox products post first ..I would like to share this R2 (as whitening supplement)It really helpful..As A ladies who really want a fairer, brighter ,smoother skin ,you can think about this product.. I consume 2nd box and I finished .. I stop taking R2 almost one month but my skin still in good condition ..haha,mean this product won't turn back as previous your skin if you stop it ..
Let's me show you the photo that I took 
You can compare it 
This was the photo that I just taking R2 for 2 weeks 

This photo show I finish a box of R2 results 

This photo show I finish 2box of R2 and stop consume 1month photo ..taking by this month only 

PS:Photo without any TR/ZR ,without editing ,just using IPhone front/back camera only 

So what I can say about this R2? R2 really a good product that I haven't see,it really work .. 

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rush up 2+ 45kilos Slimming life

Hello guys,is time to update my daily slimming routine..21st April 15 I delivered my son till now 29th September 15, between this 5 months,I changes a lots by just losing my weight and body figure .. from XL size to M size (seriously babe)..
As I knew from my feeling after the delivery I feel very sad when I stand in front on the mirror when I'm out from my confinement..I feel how come my body turn like this ? How to wear back my previous dress in M size ? How to avoiding other people asking me why your belly still very big after give birth ?( seriously I had been ask many many times when I meet my relatives ) Feel very impressive.. 
So as my previous post right ,during my confinement days I only using rush up 2 on my body and face ..After confinement ,em..about Jun I staring finding a slimming product so I found slimming pill name as 45kilos slimming pills

I really lost my weight from 62kg(after delivery weight)to 52 kg (totally 10kg ) by only 1 treatments in 3 months ..(I started took 45kilos slimming pils during June) 3 boxes as 1 treatment...  45kg is my target (fighting )

This was my life after confinement for slim cause I don't want laugh by other peoples ..I want let peoples see little bit changes from me ..I still want to look very fabulous although I'm the mother of 2 kids..

Photo show time ...
The photo show during confinement by using rush up 2 

Now this is me ..I found back my body ..muahaha.. 45kilos + rush up 2 

 Last month,August ..during my birthday celebration ..both outfit in M size ..Yes ,in M size , proud to say that I am the mother of two ,and I still wearing M size ..

Am I look gorgeous after slim down ..say thank you to rush up 2 slim my chubby face (the only rush up oil can apply on the face only ,other slimming product can't ya) that why I am so in love with rush up ...

PS:Rush up agent please don't stole my photo ya, cause I had found my previous rush up post focus at my face ,although I put watermark but he/she still covering my watermark and post at Instagram or other social network 

           This photo had been stolen 

This was my journey to slim down and I really put afford in time and also money to make myself pretty ..For me,look pretty not for showing to other people but it make yourself more confident .. remember Guys always want NEW...Invest yourself otherwise Guys will invest other persons (finger crossed)

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I recently as beauty slimming product agent ..Any problem can wechat me ..I am willing to help ..

Next post will be talking about detox product ..

Friday, July 31, 2015

Korea RushUp2

When you are still wondering is this Korea Rushup really work? Or its just another sponsor ( pay money to blogger ) and they just doing their job and post the product in Ig.
Firstly, we only providing & selling the best and effective product to customers and secondly, all the famous blogger who had been using our product will totally fall in love with the EFFECTIVENESS and the RESULT of our product.Rushup I love because the smell and the result is very good and fast and its very hard to find a slimming essence with good result and without any BURNING & STICKY sensation..wechat-babychery92

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Continues with Korea Rush up2

Hey guys , update again with my Rush up post ..Today still challenging my face aka my jaw ..Since previous post,it had been 2 month ago,by this post I am having a new photo to show the prove by only using Rush up 2 

 Here You are ..After 2 month again only using rush up 2 (apply once a day only every night after skin routine)

Em..Sure all of you ask? How was my flabby tummy now ? I m gonna to share
It soon by telling what products I'm using to slim back ..Of course not only using rush up ya..Stay tuned..For more info wechat-babychery92


喝了R2 1个月多..明显发现我还是红润白皙..不要以为我在卖花赞花香,的确事实如此噢..我还是有户外活动的,但从来不担心变黑噢


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Friday, June 5, 2015


最近自己在喝着r2,喝的美白针..因为我孕期妊娠纹多的事,所以我每天涂抹韩国马油guerisson 9complex,我自己已经用了4罐(70gx4=280g)来协助淡化妊娠纹,当然想到如果可以内服的一定达到双重效果..所以自己就买了r2来服用,果然服用了1个星期的效果很厉害,家里的佣人也突然说你的脸,肌肤好像变白又红润了..听到这样的赞美,自己沾沾自喜..比起之前我询问到打美白点滴8个疗程需要2千多块,而且打了点滴之后自己还要注重防晒,一旦晒黑就全功经费了,但这服用的r2却是与众不同的..怎么说呢?来我们来看看它的厉害吧..



打造全新的你!R-II 采用瑞士独家专利高效“明星”美白成分,是生长在海拔3000多米高的瑞士阿尔卑斯山的野玫瑰干细胞,科学家采用先进 PhytoCellTecTM 技术,把R-II玫瑰干细胞提取物纳入水溶性粉末饮料,容易被人体吸收,结合了樱花、水稻、石榴精华、草莓多酚等珍贵植物萃取,从源头阻断黑色素的形成。


1 延长皮肤干细胞生命力,修复和再生能力

2 美白皮肤,减少黑色素形成

3 提升皮肤光泽和亮丽

4 保护皮肤抵抗寒冷,干燥和紫外线辐射

5 缩小毛孔,减少皱纹

6 增强皮肤锁水能力

7 促进皮肤细腻有弹性和柔滑度

8 预防心脑血管疾病

9 延缓衰老,增强免疫力

10 预防骨质疏松症

11 阻止致癌化学物质进入体内

12 降低血糖的吸收

Rose Stem Cells


Strawberry Polyphenol

Konjac Ceramide

Pomegranate Powder

Oryza Ceramide



Monday, May 25, 2015

V Face back

Hey guy ..currently I having another challenge for myself by using Korea Rush Up was super duper effective to slim my jaw just using for almost 2week...By the way my super fat belly still on processing ..Em..for me at least I slim a bit compare with previous..You can read back my previous post,and see the photo..So here are my photo for my face..You can see the left photo my chubby face when I was pregnant,and right photo is the photo of me now..
Photo show the truth..You may wechat-babychery92 for ordering..and for more slimming product..tq 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Confinement days by using Korea Rush-up

Aloha,every's damn boring during my confinement day..and I felt sad when looking my figure front of the mirror..Ya,really sad and I turn fat..Due I gained my weight 20kg for my second pregnancy..really hard to turn slim for this time compare with previous pregnancy..But until I used Korea Rush Up 2..what I can say is OMG..really work on me..Actually Korea Rush Up I bought was 1st generation in frigile bottle..I use after delivery my daughter till left 1 bottle and I got pregnant again..I can show you all my real photo that I just apply for almost one week in twice times daily..
it is really safe for people who had going for cesarean ,Korea rush-up was non-sticky ,feeling hot or itchiness after applying..And I also apply on my face cause my face turn really really chubby after gained too much of weight.. 
For those who interesting or any question with Korea Rush-up can wechat me @ babychery92
I'm willing to answering you anytimes..

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Korea Rush Up 2

Say NO to surgical / botox for face slim, because now you have can have this amazing product to help you to get ur 3D sharp face in short period ! We promised !!
Slim ur chubby face without any surgery! Korean new formula all in one body and face super slimming essence. 100% result proven! Thanks pretty for the feedbacks!
Customer sharing face slimming result after using our Korea Rushup face & body slimming magic essence for just 3 weeks.
Before Rushup:
Her face was puffy, chubby and sagging dull skin.
After 3 weeks of Korea Rushup: 
Her face is now much toned / firmed and face became much more sharper and no more puffiness. Face became more 3D and skin became brighter too.

Australia CBS 
Rush up bust essential 我也有噢


王子是我选日期剖腹出生的,21/4/15 金牛座宝宝
21/4/15 早餐后就进医院admit了,10点后一律不可进食/喝..肚子好饿一下的..忍到3点多,护士终于来了,我换好病服躺在床上就被推进waiting Operation room等待...时间滴答滴答的走..到了4点45分,终于推进了手术室,手术室很冷,而我也开始紧张起来了..在里头被打点滴,挂探心脏仪器,探血压仪器..最重要是打半身麻醉针...这针真的tmd痛..就打在尾骨3个point..过后我的下半身就开始沉重了..医生也开始进行剖腹手术了..那时的我会感觉到自己的肚子被人家剖开,扒开,翻来翻去,不到半小时,我家王子就抱出来了..他3.81kg..是重量级宝宝,难怪我自己也肥了20Kg...过后进行缝合阶段,比起第一次剖腹我女儿,这次用了45分钟,还要久一点...