Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 AUTUMN/WINTER Beauty Trend

Aloha everyone,Miss me?
sorry for I'm not always update frequently 
But today I gonna to share some 2012 Autumn/Winter Beauty Trend 
but our country Malaysia always having the only one Summer season so Autumn/Winter Beauty Trend are not suitable?! Who cares ?! I want to be fashionista !! 

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trend
Tips 1
Bright Lipped 
Only Dramatic Red? No,you can use others shades pink or orange in glossy

Tips 2
Stroke of Genius
Forget the winged cat eye!!Create a new geometric lines ans shapes
Line eyes with rectangular-shaped outer corners instead of winged tip
Lol,I think I dare not to draw that...

Tips 3
Colour Flashes
Shades such as emerald,olive,cerulean,tangerine,purple and glossy red enchanced the eye area

Tips 4
Soft Metal Works
Apply a layer of gold over lids before lining eyes with a black kohl pencil and smudging

Tips 5
Get Smudgy
Try different ! Wear the liner under eyes !

Tips 6
Darkness Falls
Not afraid of looking dramatic?
Line your lips with black liner!!
Or try some dark shades

Enjoy your day
Nuffnang Please

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