Monday, September 3, 2012

Penang wall street art

Hey peepo..finally I'm back
Announcement!! Finally I ended up my 1 year relationship..
And I feel pretty good about this..
I'm Relaxing baby cause I'm always thinking about passed,all about him

Lol..skip for this story,next post

Sure almost whole Malaysia Is know about the Penang street wall art
and I almost completely all just left 2 I haven't take the photo
Damn hot baby..sweating and a lots peoples

槟城最近蛮出名的壁画分布地点Locations of interesting wall painting surrounding Penang’s Heritage Areas by Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic.
 Link for catch up all the wall street art

Thx for the map and we had found it
Papa as a driver to bring us

Let's see some photo that mama help me took
 This wall art is the most famous wall art“Little Children on a Bicycle” located at Lebuh Armenian

 # mama

When we reached there,gosh a lots of people is waiting for this

When you walk through 
You can see Amelia Cafe and  14号生活馆 living story

Inside was full of heritage and retro things

If you out from 14 living story 
 you can see a moveables small van is selling drink so under the hot and pretty sun 
you should have a cup to cool down

Ernest’s neighbour, who is actually famous wooden clogs painter, Mr. Ng Chai Tiam, Armenian Street Art Cafe @ Lebuh Armenian

 “Reaching Up”, Cannon Street near by 'Khoo Kongsi'


 “Boy on a Bike”located at Ah Quee Street
Damn love with this photo

 Beside  “Boy on a Bike”,
 “Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur” also located at Ah Quee Street

 located at Ah Quee Street
 Located at Muntri Street
You almost can see this all iron art at whole George Town area

@ Love lane ''Hello! Hello''

“The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler” located Penang Road

"Chew Jetty" full of car,can't go in so give up for this photo
and can't find it this,also give up

Noted: For those who haven't capture for the photo,hurry cause the color of painting is getting light and light


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