Wednesday, August 15, 2012

20th birthday

Hey peeps, I'm officially 20 now..
Yesterday was my 20th birthday,fall at 14 Aug (August/Leo baby)
(sound old already, my age starting 2+...)

How is my celebration?

Simple-Having a pre-celebration birthday dinner with my family
Casual-Non-invite friends or peoples for 20th birthdaycelebration
Happy-With family and planning my real birth-date held at kindergarten(which my working place)
Warm-Received a-lots of wishing from FB friends and members from Blog Lovers& Readers
Exciting-With my special order-Macaroon tower chocolate Cake
Appreciate- Daddy & Mummy treat me a luxurious dinner

12/08-Sunday having Pre-celebration with family at Raja Uda- Ah Keat Seafood restaurant

Let's photo says a thousand words
Macaroon-tower chocolate cake

#Photo of the day

We having luxurious seafood as our dinner
Lobster , shark-fin and etc

Lol,what the face that I had on the moment

 lol,I purposely Bring back my lobster to take photo with my cake

Can you spot my little puppy,he looking at me

Ready for singing& cutting my cake

Eating the macaroon-sweet

with family

Bringing some snacks and A big Tiramisu Birthday cake celebrate with all my teachers and students

Tiramisu cake

Group photo with boys and girls

 With teachers and kakak
 children singing birthday song for me

Best friend aka teacher

Tuesday night
having birthday celebration with bf and his relative
having dinner at Auto-City


One-piece leopard dress fr 29 fashion
clutch bag fr cotton on

#Photo of the day

Present for her 
Laces maxi-dress

That all for 20th birthday post
Happy belated birthday to myself

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hey TGISaturday
Weekend again,any idea for the weekend?
Shopping?YAM CHA?Seasiding?
NO doubt YOU need sunscreen to protect you from harmful UV ray

Monday received a freebies from Biore
It's biore UV AQUA rich Watery Essence
SPF 50 PA+++
( Non-sticky & Greasy)

Which contains
 Aqua Mirco Capsules can provide a Light and Cool‘water-like’fresh feeling
Hyaluronic Acid & Mix Citrus Essence as key moisturizing ingredients to leave skin healthy and hydrated
Quick absorption,spreads easily on skin
Keeps skin fresh,moist and protected
 for face and body

Let's see the texture Biore UV aqua rich and the X brand sunscreen

After apply 
you can see the X brand sunscreen is not totally spreads 
and Biore UV AQUA RICH had been easily spreads

What I can feel?
Biore UV Aqua Rich is really non-sticky compare with X brand(sticky)
Quick absorb 
Skin more softy and fairness
About longest hours my skin are at under oily control

so let get Biore UV AQUA Rich SPF 50 PA+++ accompany you all day long