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Finish post for the Only Beauty
Read back
Is time to update my weekend post
I think it should be a longgg post for my Fri.Sat.Sunday
Please be patient to finish it

 The Four
 Story Review: When counterfeit bills appear in the capital city of the Song Dynasty, the court-run Six Fan Gate Constabulary and the independent Divine Constabulary are assigned to investigate. Coldblood of Six Fan Gate is sent undercover to Divine, where he befriends fellow independent constables Life Snatcher and Iron Hand, as well as the beautiful Emotionless. Emotionless discovers Coldblood's identity but growing affection between the two keeps her from telling anyone. Coldblood causes the shut down of Divine but before he has time to regret it he becomes involved in a battle against God of Wealth who plots to overthrow the government...

Heading to Sunway Carnival Mall & Sunway Hotel @ Seberang Jaya
We bought a movie ticket-Mae Nak
then heading to Sunway Hotel for Only Beauty up to 60% products

Inner environment is almost like this, they put out all the producst and arrange all on the tables to make us easy find it.
 Because I was too excited until forgot to capture the photo

What I had bought from this event?
 # Garnier body Light Whitening Moisturizing milk lotion 400ml for just RM10 ONLY
# Garnier skin nature Light Whiten&protect moisturizing cream SPF 15(Frangrance Free) 50ml for just RM12 ONLY
# L'OREAL White Perfect-Milky Form 100ml & Moisturizing NIGHT cream 20ml in valuepack RM21.80 for just RM12 ONLY
# L'OREAL SMOOTH-INTENSE 1-Minute Caring Hair Mask for just RM13 ONLY

 Let's guess the top products cost how much??
YOU can't imagine it
# L'OREAL Derma Genesis pore Minimising Smoother Toner 200ml
# L'OREAL Derma Genesis pore Minimising Smoother Scrub 100ml
for just RM25 ONLY
Yup It's just RM25 ONLY
 Is super worth!!
 L'OREAL RENEWAL LASH SERUM 7.5ml-RM49.90(NP) I have save 50% and some more
get  L'OREAL Toner & Scrub

 Beside than those I also got some freebies from this event
# L'OREAL ELSEVE SMOOTH-INTENSE 1 Minute Hair Mask 15ml x 4 pack
# L'OREAL RE-NUTRITION  1 Minute Hair Mask 15ml x 1 pack
# GARNIER SKIN NATURAL Light B.B Moisturizer SPF26 PA+++ 1ml  x 2 pack
( which I went it again at Sunday to help my mama buy something)

 # MAYBELLINE Clear Smooth 8-IN-1 SPF26 PA+++ 02 Natural 18ml B.B Cream
Why I got this B.B cream because OnlyBeauty invite me to take part in
OnlyBeauty Penang Star Most Liked competition to win away POLO BLUE perfume worth RM229
That's me
Please click it and like me
Big Thanks!!

 End for buying
Is time to movie
Mae Nak
This is a true Thailand Legend Story
And which has a temple call
Mae Nak Phra Khanong located at Wat Mahabut
  The story is so touching me and I almost want to cry at the end
and I just can say all about love from wife to her husband

During the way to cinema
Freebies get from Libresse promoter
to promote the new look in Libresse Green Tea + Odor Control
Libresse Malaysia
 Haha so colorful with the packet,like

Big Worth again at Sunway Carnival Mall
a shop name 娟JUAN at 3rd floor near cinema
is selling the top,dress,pants,etc in the lower price just RM12  
  The top I bought which full of vintage pattern just RM12
 2 way dress full of vintage pattern for just RM12

Photo for SATURDAY



Fake collar pair with Tube top
Lol.my face look so fat when my fringe is gone
You can spot the different with fringe and non-fringe keeped

Went to Sunway Carnival Mall & Sunway Hotel 
@ Sunway hotel help my mama buy some products
@ Sunway Carnivel Mall for movie
Greedy ghost
Em...not really nice to watch it but still OK

Lunch @ Burger King
Hottest Deals with Just RM5.95 Burger with solf drink & fried 
for all day, every day

 Last weekend I just enter to Cotton On
and I was so luckily to grab so valuable clothing
# Retro Boobtube Lovely Leopard cost RM15
# Annie Black Lace skirt RM59 JUST cost RM15
# Cotton On Clutch cost RM59 JUST cost RM30


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