Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Finish post for the Only Beauty
Read back
Is time to update my weekend post
I think it should be a longgg post for my Fri.Sat.Sunday
Please be patient to finish it

 The Four
 Story Review: When counterfeit bills appear in the capital city of the Song Dynasty, the court-run Six Fan Gate Constabulary and the independent Divine Constabulary are assigned to investigate. Coldblood of Six Fan Gate is sent undercover to Divine, where he befriends fellow independent constables Life Snatcher and Iron Hand, as well as the beautiful Emotionless. Emotionless discovers Coldblood's identity but growing affection between the two keeps her from telling anyone. Coldblood causes the shut down of Divine but before he has time to regret it he becomes involved in a battle against God of Wealth who plots to overthrow the government...

Heading to Sunway Carnival Mall & Sunway Hotel @ Seberang Jaya
We bought a movie ticket-Mae Nak
then heading to Sunway Hotel for Only Beauty up to 60% products

Inner environment is almost like this, they put out all the producst and arrange all on the tables to make us easy find it.
 Because I was too excited until forgot to capture the photo

What I had bought from this event?
 # Garnier body Light Whitening Moisturizing milk lotion 400ml for just RM10 ONLY
# Garnier skin nature Light Whiten&protect moisturizing cream SPF 15(Frangrance Free) 50ml for just RM12 ONLY
# L'OREAL White Perfect-Milky Form 100ml & Moisturizing NIGHT cream 20ml in valuepack RM21.80 for just RM12 ONLY
# L'OREAL SMOOTH-INTENSE 1-Minute Caring Hair Mask for just RM13 ONLY

 Let's guess the top products cost how much??
YOU can't imagine it
# L'OREAL Derma Genesis pore Minimising Smoother Toner 200ml
# L'OREAL Derma Genesis pore Minimising Smoother Scrub 100ml
for just RM25 ONLY
Yup It's just RM25 ONLY
 Is super worth!!
 L'OREAL RENEWAL LASH SERUM 7.5ml-RM49.90(NP) I have save 50% and some more
get  L'OREAL Toner & Scrub

 Beside than those I also got some freebies from this event
# L'OREAL ELSEVE SMOOTH-INTENSE 1 Minute Hair Mask 15ml x 4 pack
# L'OREAL RE-NUTRITION  1 Minute Hair Mask 15ml x 1 pack
# GARNIER SKIN NATURAL Light B.B Moisturizer SPF26 PA+++ 1ml  x 2 pack
( which I went it again at Sunday to help my mama buy something)

 # MAYBELLINE Clear Smooth 8-IN-1 SPF26 PA+++ 02 Natural 18ml B.B Cream
Why I got this B.B cream because OnlyBeauty invite me to take part in
OnlyBeauty Penang Star Most Liked competition to win away POLO BLUE perfume worth RM229
That's me
Please click it and like me
Big Thanks!!

 End for buying
Is time to movie
Mae Nak
This is a true Thailand Legend Story
And which has a temple call
Mae Nak Phra Khanong located at Wat Mahabut
  The story is so touching me and I almost want to cry at the end
and I just can say all about love from wife to her husband

During the way to cinema
Freebies get from Libresse promoter
to promote the new look in Libresse Green Tea + Odor Control
Libresse Malaysia
 Haha so colorful with the packet,like

Big Worth again at Sunway Carnival Mall
a shop name 娟JUAN at 3rd floor near cinema
is selling the top,dress,pants,etc in the lower price just RM12  
  The top I bought which full of vintage pattern just RM12
 2 way dress full of vintage pattern for just RM12

Photo for SATURDAY



Fake collar pair with Tube top
Lol.my face look so fat when my fringe is gone
You can spot the different with fringe and non-fringe keeped

Went to Sunway Carnival Mall & Sunway Hotel 
@ Sunway hotel help my mama buy some products
@ Sunway Carnivel Mall for movie
Greedy ghost
Em...not really nice to watch it but still OK

Lunch @ Burger King
Hottest Deals with Just RM5.95 Burger with solf drink & fried 
for all day, every day

 Last weekend I just enter to Cotton On
and I was so luckily to grab so valuable clothing
# Retro Boobtube Lovely Leopard cost RM15
# Annie Black Lace skirt RM59 JUST cost RM15
# Cotton On Clutch cost RM59 JUST cost RM30


Monday, July 30, 2012

Only Beauty

Aloha everyone !
I'm having a happy weekend with my boss and spending money 'watery'
but it almost in offer value price...

Back to the main
Freebies to your doorstep 

I just came back from this up to 60% event
@ Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya 
with full of L'OREAL MAYBELLINE GARNIER etc products
Is a easier freebies get website
 How to easy get from their website?
Get in to

You can see Member Login at RIGHT
Just focus at RED circle- Not a member yet? Join us !  
For registration  

New Member registration- just fill in your personal details

After registration you might received a mail at your mail account,click it for activate
and LOGIN with username/password


Just need to go home page and check for Today's Freebies
Then click for Apply Now
Each person can be only apply 3 different freebies 
And freebies just open during weekday-MON-FRI
NOT AVAILABLE during weekend but sometime available

You may see as this photo below
and you just need to enter the Security Code and click Apply Sample

After click for the Apply Sample 
you may see this 
OK. Your application has been added...........Please check back soon

Check back soon?!
How to check?
You just need to click
 Successful Applicant List In Blue at RIGHT
and check with your member name whether you get your freebies or not

YUP is really simple and easy 
AND I had got from them with 2 freebies in sample pack
HURRY to become their member

Let's know more about it

 OnlyBeauty is a new concept of online communication portal that believes in bringing 'Beauty' to everyone using new interactive method. We delivered freebies & discounted voucher to our members' doorstep, we provide latest beauty products information, views and promotion news, we do organized contest & product events for our beloved members.

  1. Why is OnlyBeauty giving away free samples?
  2. OnlyBeauty work closely with beauty product manufacturers and brands to help distributing free samples to our members. However, members that have successfully applied for free samples and tested will have to come back to rate the product and review.

  3. How can I apply for free samples?
  4. Firstly, you have to register as our OnlyBeauty member. You will have to apply for each samples allocated daily and our system will pick the luckiest members to receive the samples.

  5. How frequent does OnlyBeauty giving free samples?
  6. We open for product sample application online on our website every Monday to Friday. However, do stay alert for our announcements for some outdoor roadshows where more beauty product samples will be given away.

  7. How does OnlyBeauty select its successful sample applicants?
  8. OnlyBeauty has a built-in intelligent system that smartly select the members that topped our preset criteria. Criteria may contain how active is the member in our website, when was the last time received a free sample and many more.

  9. How long will I receive the sample if I have successfully applied for it?
  10. Due to the high cost of posting, we have opted for POS Malaysia standard postage service that might take 3 to 10 working days to reach your doorstep. However, OnlyBeauty promised to post every successful samples.

  11. What should I do if I have successfully applied for the samples but have not receive for weeks?
  12. Sometimes we have hit some delays while preparing the samples which take more time to deliver. If you are facing this problem, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at feedback@onlybeauty.com.my and our officer will assist to solve your case.

  13. Can I purchase beauty products from OnlyBeauty?
  14. OnlyBeauty is launching its E-Store in the near future and members will have the opportunity to purchase great deals with us online using credit cards or bank transfers. Stay tuned!

  15. How many accounts can I register with OnlyBeauty?
  16. Every member is strictly to only one account. Duplicated accounts will be blacklisted if detected by our system. Our management is working hard to prevent duplicated account and will take action against those who messed up the database.

That all for this will be update to next post...Stay tuned

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

22 Sunday

Hey all...finally I had fight finish for my movie assignment
WTH..This make me dilemma in it
Since I have free time now, gonna to update my daily Sunday again
Lol..my blog will always blogging about my Sunday-end only

-chopped moustache top - Dear Eiffel
-2 way-wear blue white stripe - Dear Eiffel
Dear Eiffel is running pre-stock, all price is affordable & valuable
-floral Daisy-tieband - order fr Cash Koo
It's just rm14.90 and you can be a fashionista like xia xue or qiu qiu
-Mustard Yellow platform flat fr Needs♥Wants♥Demands
I can help you pre-order it 
- Shoulder bag fr Charles & Keith
-Bracelet fr Forever 21
 lol..at 1st-avenue ladies washroom


The Dark Knight Rises
This gonna make you 'gan jiong' all the time
And you will always expect what is the next story should be

Found a cute new store at 1st-Avenue call- Stick Art
Is a store that selling ice-cream- rm6.90/ stick
em..just a normal ice-cream not really nice but you may attracted for the cute design

Meet Ice-a Malaysia local singer
photo fr grace
You cant expected she sing very very well...
love to heard her sound 

Lastly freebies get again fr MAGGI

FOR my mama 

AND myself

It's really yummy.....with the new 'perencah CILI LAZAT & KARI ORI'

Hurry to grab one

If you're one of the lucky first 3000 people to get the brand new MAGGI MI GORENG Kari Ori, who would you share it with? Get yours now! https://www.facebook.com/MaggiMalaysia/app_409730325712872

Saturday, July 7, 2012

LIGHT pastel ombre DIY NAIL-ART

HEY babes,do you miss me?!
I know I'm not frequently update my blog
But today I'm gonna to share some DIY about nowadays pastel or ombre hot fever fashion
Want to be fashionista? So let us start it!!!

What should you need for this pastel ombre nail art:
1)Base & Top coat
2)Light nude color
3)One pastel nail color or Few pastel colors 

See,simple pretty right
Here are the colors brand the I'm currently using for this pastel ombre nail art
Elianto Base & Top Coat
PR Vitamin N203 Light nude color
(where to get it?U might go straits quay,penang-Naga Nail store is selling this Korea brand nail colors)
I'm using 5 different pastel colors
SkinFood-Rosy red
Etude House-Light purple,Light green,Light violet,Shinning blue

Let's DIY
(I will be only showing how to put Light pastel ombre in one COLOR)

 HERE is the results

STET 1 : Apply a layer of base coat at all your finger nail,after that you may apply a layer of LIGHT NUDE color for all your finger nails 
STEP 2 : Apply a layer of PASTEL COLOR for your top half-tips(finger nail)like picture above
STEP 3: Apply a layer of LIGHT NUDE color at your bottom nail like picture above
STEP 4 :  Apply again a layer of PASTEL COLOR for your top half-tips(finger nail)like picture above


HOPE you all will like it

ENJOY your day with LIGHT pastel ombre DIY

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Support ME

Say HI for today
Have some trouble work need all of you to help me
you just need to click in
to vote me at 01.Amy Khoo
to help me win the price..xixi...thousand thx you

and do support my blogshop
the clothing all just between rm20-rm25 only
the shoes may expensive but all is pre-order from Taiwan which included oversea-tax & postage

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Sunday

July Sunday yesterday went to Pg as mini trip-damn hot sunny day
Walking-walking at Kek Lok Si temple,then for Air Itam laksa and buy my favorite 
It's really yummy
Saw the making of '龙须糖’ it's really tough to handle it-mean the technique 

1st-avenue as the next stop
Meet Grace Choong & Esther Zhen both take part in U Magazine Cover Boy & Girl Search  2012
but the results end both of them are not  in top 5...
so.....speechless....FOR the  results
by the way ,Grace choong you are the best

Sales are surrounding me but I no $$
so give up the sales item that attracted me especially at Cotton On and Charles & Keith
Cotton On I found it the item but all is not belong to my size,more are at L size above,what to do
and the platform also more are size 38 above,can't suit me..lol

Movie of the day
Make me nervous for the ending..don't how to describe but nice good movie

#Vampire Hunter
Always scared me..lol

I waiting for the next coming step-up 4 & the amazing spider man
It must be amazing