Monday, June 18, 2012

Maybelline made my day

Today I gonna share some simple make-up tools that I always use 
to make me look perfect when outing..
Before starting my post,I would like to share some photo about my new hair-style
in violet-red and copper colours
Before I went into the saloon that I used to went
Early before I'm think about 'dip-dye' or 'ombre' that Chuckei Jane suggested 
or 'pinky' like Xia Xue' 

But my hair stylist said it's really can damage my hair even the hair root,so finally I 'give-up'so he recommend me the latest colours and I pass my 'head'to him let he do for me
He is choosing violet-red (as a highlight)and copper colours (as main)
The outcome is really make my mood awesome and he said I'm the first dare to try this colours
(cause normally peoples will choose brown or dark brown or maybe common colours)

Here is the outcome

Back to Maybelline 
Maybelline New York is coming out with the latest mascara 
that make every pretty babes crazy with this 
Guess?Is Hello kitty hyper curl volum'express in Waterproof 
without using eyelashes curler also can make your lashes turn curl 
Here are my photo to make a prove 
 you can see the results is so amazing and make me feel impossible just apply some mascara without lashes curler

(my left eye with mascara(super long ),right eye without mascara)

I used:
 Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 skin transformer SPF 26 PA+++  02 natural
Maybelline Hello kitty hyper curl volum'express in Waterproof 
Maybelline Crayonliner in black

Maybelline AngelFit Perfect Concealer 01 Light

Maybelline Lip balm SPF 16 dolly rose

In2it Long wearing eyebrow liner 02 dark brown

Let's start
please DO NOT get shock of my naked face

Naked face: skin look more in dark tone, eyes bag, dark circle can't hide
After : Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 skin look more light in tone 
After: Maybelline Perfect concealer eye circle,eyes bag not so obvious
(You can see I'm in empty eyebrow,my eyebrow like 'botak')

Using In2it Long wearing eyebrow liner 02 dark brown
(my eyebrow finally got 'hair')

After:Maybelline Hello kitty hyper curl volum'express
('Ting'attract you)

Finally :simply draw an eyeliner with Maybelline Crayonliner in black
and Juicy up my lip with Maybelline Lip balm SPF 16 dolly rose

Slogan:I love Maybelline because it turn my day beautiful and perfect!

Kuso Photo

Enjoy reading

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