Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Popo birthday

 Last Sunday was my popo birthday went back Pg celebrate with her
Happy birthday,my dearest popo
Popo look slim down because she is always went for the physical terapy
so simple celebration with her]
Dinner at D'piaza-Cina Muslim restaurant
A new restaurant that managed by China peoples and the point is all of them are Muslim people
so NO pork served
Famous dishes is Roaster lamb,is really yummy without any 'goat smell'

Combination photo on that day

#hair of that day
I 'tong'-(curl) myself

#photo of the day

That all for today

Monday, June 18, 2012

Maybelline made my day

Today I gonna share some simple make-up tools that I always use 
to make me look perfect when outing..
Before starting my post,I would like to share some photo about my new hair-style
in violet-red and copper colours
Before I went into the saloon that I used to went
Early before I'm think about 'dip-dye' or 'ombre' that Chuckei Jane suggested 
or 'pinky' like Xia Xue' 

But my hair stylist said it's really can damage my hair even the hair root,so finally I 'give-up'so he recommend me the latest colours and I pass my 'head'to him let he do for me
He is choosing violet-red (as a highlight)and copper colours (as main)
The outcome is really make my mood awesome and he said I'm the first dare to try this colours
(cause normally peoples will choose brown or dark brown or maybe common colours)

Here is the outcome

Back to Maybelline 
Maybelline New York is coming out with the latest mascara 
that make every pretty babes crazy with this 
Guess?Is Hello kitty hyper curl volum'express in Waterproof 
without using eyelashes curler also can make your lashes turn curl 
Here are my photo to make a prove 
 you can see the results is so amazing and make me feel impossible just apply some mascara without lashes curler

(my left eye with mascara(super long ),right eye without mascara)

I used:
 Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 skin transformer SPF 26 PA+++  02 natural
Maybelline Hello kitty hyper curl volum'express in Waterproof 
Maybelline Crayonliner in black

Maybelline AngelFit Perfect Concealer 01 Light

Maybelline Lip balm SPF 16 dolly rose

In2it Long wearing eyebrow liner 02 dark brown

Let's start
please DO NOT get shock of my naked face

Naked face: skin look more in dark tone, eyes bag, dark circle can't hide
After : Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 skin look more light in tone 
After: Maybelline Perfect concealer eye circle,eyes bag not so obvious
(You can see I'm in empty eyebrow,my eyebrow like 'botak')

Using In2it Long wearing eyebrow liner 02 dark brown
(my eyebrow finally got 'hair')

After:Maybelline Hello kitty hyper curl volum'express
('Ting'attract you)

Finally :simply draw an eyeliner with Maybelline Crayonliner in black
and Juicy up my lip with Maybelline Lip balm SPF 16 dolly rose

Slogan:I love Maybelline because it turn my day beautiful and perfect!

Kuso Photo

Enjoy reading

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today gonna post about my Kelantan & Terengganu post..
As my previous post had talk about went there last Friday with mama,bro,grandma cause we never went before..
Start our journey by bus at 10pm night,reach Terengganu about 7am (8 hrs progressing) 
If you follow my instagram -babychery92 you will get my latest photo

# In the bus,with popo,mama,didi
First stop we reach at 登基楼唐人街at Jalan Cina to have our breakfast

Next stop will be at Terengganu Seaside
Having a sight to viewing sun ride
#Ignore my messy hair

Third stop at ‘Floating Mosque’ build at the top of lake
It's really amazing and nice

#ignore our eye bag & dark circles

4th stop at  Complex Noor Arfa
Which I can see is the processing to do a 'batik' with different 'corak'(mould)

5th went to ‘Duo Pasar' mean Big Market
Full of peoples and the durians is really nice(if you are the durian lover)
3 of us bought a new shade and just cost rm10/shade

#bought some souvenir,all is turtles especially the cute turtle on my head which just cost rm10

#super peace post took from didi and spot soft toy turtle

#such a pretty public transportation at Terengganu

Almost 4pm,we move to Kelantan (took about 3hrs to reach and is raining)

Dinner at Kelantan Chinese street
 Malay Peoples is more than Chinese peoples and you can see almost 'Jawi" writing everywhere including Chinese peoples shop or banners

Reach our room about 9pm @ Dynasty Inn hotel
#Tired for whole day finally sleep in super fast mood

#Having a breakfast at the top roof at hotel

Finishing our breakfast is our time to visit beautiful temples that located at Kelantan

We almost visited 7 temples(sry that I cannot mention the name) at there and which is really effective that for illegal profit

#the smallest boy in this trip,he is so adorable with the doggy

#cute puppies and their eyes is blue color

Last we stop at duty free zone near by Thailand
We bought a lots of chocolates,'keropok', nuts,etc cause it's so cheap...

That all for the Terengganu,Kelantan

A Date with Julie's

Have you taste before Julie's biscuits?
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Went to Kelantan & Terengganu last Friday (as 2days 1 night trip)with mama,bro, and grandma cause we never went before
Took bus around 8 hrs to reached our destination
During the free hrs beside than watching outside view,facebooking,twittering and what can you do when you feel hungry or 'mouth itchy'?!
Is 'chewing' Julie's biscuits
Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich always my 1st choice when during vacation or attend my classes
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While viewing the outside view with my favorite Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich

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