Saturday, May 5, 2012


Last week post again..
Before starting my post,I'm having some question
Ask yourself have you did your body check up before?
Do you think personal body check up is really important?
Have you think that you are still young enough not need to do any check up?
Can you afford to paid rm100-rm500 for your personal body check up?

Tell you all seriously,body check up is important to everyone,although you are same age like me 20++
A body check up can ensure your personal body health,don't you think you are no problem at all cause you're still young

Well,back to my topic..
I'm really need a check up when I'm in 19 cause I want to know that how healthy am I
So finally I did it last Sunday..
Mom accompany me for the check up and want to know more about the package
Wellness Laboratories Center having few type of package
Package a,b,c,d&e
The Higher price is rm550 and the lowest price is rm120(package e)
(so back to the question just now,can you afford to pay?if can't you can take rm120 to know your healthy)
I'm taking rm488 (Package b) cause next time my family members,they can enjoy every package at half-price except package e

 8 hrs empty food before check-up
See the photo below,my 2 hands had been drew,cause my blood was so hard to drew out,finally
blue black == until now still have..

Finally need to thank my mom cause she had made a payment for me 
And bless me,I'm healthy at all
I'm care about my health,how about you?
Kindly research for more details and hurry to your nearly Wellness Lab

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