Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Favorite Animal Pal in Madagascar3:Europe's Most wanted

Hey guys,have you watch Madagascar 1 & 2 before?
Yes,I have...I'm really happy Madagascar 3 will showing out at this summer
I'm wondering how they will start their journey..

My favorite animal pal is Melman the Giraffe
why I love him?
Because he is somewhat of a hypochondraic that  having doses of medicine for meals and doctor's appointment frequently.He even complains about he having brown spots on his neck(lol,this suppose is his natural life)
Some more he love Gloria very deep(haha..Gloria is a Hippo..Are they match?)
em..I'm wondering too but finally both became a couple at Madagascar 2
Melman always a gentleman to her but to Marty and Alex,he's just another 'awkward'guys.
He always done a funny or 'stupid'things that make me laugh when he is on the screen

eg: Madagascar 3 trailer: 3 of them come out from the water but suddenly his neck will be so..long unbalancing 

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