Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's day celebration

Free for today so I decide to update my post...
I think I didn't update since Mother's day
It will be alot of post I need to update for today
Ok,talk back my mother's day post
Went back Penang to celebrated with my grandma and cousin,aunties,uncle
Having a Thai food at Kunthai,Teluk Kumbar 

Supposes upload the photo via FB and Instagram but the line was suck,finally capture for nothing

outfit of the day
tube top@white pants from bontique

 photo of the day

I enjoy my beloved family members with full of heart
So shall we starting to prepare for Father's day gift?!

Finally end with my mama photo,took about 2 yrs ago,and I swear mama still look pretty like this

 Happy Belated Mother's day

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