Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Having this few great movie during weekend 
The Avengers,Twisted love fr Mark lee,Lock out
The most most nice movie is the Avengers
It's really top movie and took more than 2 hrs to finish it
Story about super hero recuses the world

Story about a man framed for a crime he did not commit, who is offered his freedom in exchange for rescuing the President's daughter Emilie (Grace) from the orbital prison MS One, which has been overtaken by its inmates, led by Alex (Regan) and the psychotic Hydell (Gilgun).

Twisted love
 the latest horror action comedy from Writer Director Chai Yee Wei. The story revolves around a drug dealer who dated a young girl behind the wife’s back, a pair of conmen who wants to turn over a new leaf, and 4 cabin crews whose lives were turned upside down over a fateful night of drugs and booze. 
Em..not really love it but scared me also

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