Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Goat farm

Talk about my last visited at Friday
I'm a part-time kindergarten teacher currently so last Friday Jurassic(D'monte)
having a excursion little visit to Goat farm@balik pulau and aquarium@batu maung

Not only the children excited and me too,cause I'm so childish?no,because I never closely to touch the goat
Prepared early morning,staring our journey,heading to Penang

@balik pulau,goat farm

male & female goat & small babies

showing processing milk
organic farm

not only organic they also having durian,papaya,dragon fruit,pineapples tree

So that all for my today,Imma lazy for this week..xixi

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Favorite Animal Pal in Madagascar3:Europe's Most wanted

Hey guys,have you watch Madagascar 1 & 2 before?
Yes,I have...I'm really happy Madagascar 3 will showing out at this summer
I'm wondering how they will start their journey..

My favorite animal pal is Melman the Giraffe
why I love him?
Because he is somewhat of a hypochondraic that  having doses of medicine for meals and doctor's appointment frequently.He even complains about he having brown spots on his neck(lol,this suppose is his natural life)
Some more he love Gloria very deep(haha..Gloria is a Hippo..Are they match?)
em..I'm wondering too but finally both became a couple at Madagascar 2
Melman always a gentleman to her but to Marty and Alex,he's just another 'awkward'guys.
He always done a funny or 'stupid'things that make me laugh when he is on the screen

eg: Madagascar 3 trailer: 3 of them come out from the water but suddenly his neck will be so..long
haha..so unbalancing 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello Kitty Princess Room

Now I'm gonna to show you that make me satisfied a lot at my princess bedroom
Most of my friends know I getting a new house by this year and I moved it at this Jan
you may read back

Guess what??
Is Hello Kitty everywhere
first I will let's the photo do some talking

I stick full of ribbon and Hello Kitty at my L-shape white wall


 stick some Kitty Head at upper-switch and door

 Few ribbon and Kitty at my make-up slide-board
please ignore me


Additional cute smiling face at my T-bowl

 Lovely white flower at my side-window

 Additional flower for my wardrobe that accidentally make lil dirty by me

Where to purchase??
Please add here @
and they are having courier service to everywhere,you also can enjoy special discount
when you are purchase at xx price

Looking for other wall sticker,don't worry they're having over 100 types of sticker that can let you choose
Hurry up for your new look at your house or room

Mother's day celebration

Free for today so I decide to update my post...
I think I didn't update since Mother's day
It will be alot of post I need to update for today
Ok,talk back my mother's day post
Went back Penang to celebrated with my grandma and cousin,aunties,uncle
Having a Thai food at Kunthai,Teluk Kumbar 

Supposes upload the photo via FB and Instagram but the line was suck,finally capture for nothing

outfit of the day
tube top@white pants from bontique

 photo of the day

I enjoy my beloved family members with full of heart
So shall we starting to prepare for Father's day gift?!

Finally end with my mama photo,took about 2 yrs ago,and I swear mama still look pretty like this

 Happy Belated Mother's day

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's day


虽然现在读书的我们还在爸妈的呵护下,我们还在处于未有任何负担的情况下,但切记当你踏入社会的第一步, 领第一份薪水时别忘了给他们生活费


 thebodyshop的home fragrance oil series

vanilla spice
pomegranate raspberry
sandalwood & ginger
tuberose orchid
aloe soft linen

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Last week post again..
Before starting my post,I'm having some question
Ask yourself have you did your body check up before?
Do you think personal body check up is really important?
Have you think that you are still young enough not need to do any check up?
Can you afford to paid rm100-rm500 for your personal body check up?

Tell you all seriously,body check up is important to everyone,although you are same age like me 20++
A body check up can ensure your personal body health,don't you think you are no problem at all cause you're still young

Well,back to my topic..
I'm really need a check up when I'm in 19 cause I want to know that how healthy am I
So finally I did it last Sunday..
Mom accompany me for the check up and want to know more about the package
Wellness Laboratories Center having few type of package
Package a,b,c,d&e
The Higher price is rm550 and the lowest price is rm120(package e)
(so back to the question just now,can you afford to pay?if can't you can take rm120 to know your healthy)
I'm taking rm488 (Package b) cause next time my family members,they can enjoy every package at half-price except package e

 8 hrs empty food before check-up
See the photo below,my 2 hands had been drew,cause my blood was so hard to drew out,finally
blue black == until now still have..

Finally need to thank my mom cause she had made a payment for me 
And bless me,I'm healthy at all
I'm care about my health,how about you?
Kindly research for more details and hurry to your nearly Wellness Lab

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hey Pedicure

Just done my pedicure last week..
Imma lazy to take care for my feet and finally paid for this
And it's really cheap only rm20 for-1st trial
at Julie ladies World
Fans page

Having promotion right now
RM 1 eyebrow shaping
RM29 exfoliating facial -for 1st trial
RM15 manicure-1st trial 
RM20 Pedicure -1st trial

Environment quite nice,service not bad
My pedicurist help remove my dead skin,scrubing,massage,shaping
And they are using OPI products
finally I pick OPI Z17
Diva of Gevena(picture as below)
for my toes but until now I haven't do my decoration


Having this few great movie during weekend 
The Avengers,Twisted love fr Mark lee,Lock out
The most most nice movie is the Avengers
It's really top movie and took more than 2 hrs to finish it
Story about super hero recuses the world

Story about a man framed for a crime he did not commit, who is offered his freedom in exchange for rescuing the President's daughter Emilie (Grace) from the orbital prison MS One, which has been overtaken by its inmates, led by Alex (Regan) and the psychotic Hydell (Gilgun).

Twisted love
 the latest horror action comedy from Writer Director Chai Yee Wei. The story revolves around a drug dealer who dated a young girl behind the wife’s back, a pair of conmen who wants to turn over a new leaf, and 4 cabin crews whose lives were turned upside down over a fateful night of drugs and booze. 
Em..not really love it but scared me also