Monday, April 16, 2012

Ntv7圆游会@auto city

Hola,I'm back..Is time for me to update my Auto city post
Ntv7圆游会@auto city on Sunday
Went there around 2pm

Outfit of the day
top fr BKK
bottom fr 29 fashion
floral belt fr raja uda night market
shoes fr Pera

before outing

On the way


'people mountain people sea' and super duper hot
sweat like a hell
A lot of small stall that selling their things
But got a stall that catch my eyes

guess what?
Is a hand-made soft clay that look really nice
especially the biscuits look really yum yum and real

hosted by DJ
Not only DJ also have ntv7 actor& actress

took photo with Mayjune @mayjuneshines

with double cheese burger

with 'lao fu zi'

with fanta twin

take 1

take 2

take 3

Ntv7圆游会@auto city
you make my day


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