Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello April

Hey babes,finally I'm back..
A very unhappy news that happen at 31/3,what a big April-fool eve
Sure all of you know this news
A un-avoidable accident happen at Sungai Petana,Kedah
Here is the news from Kwongwah & guangming newspapers
This boy is my brother friend since from primary school
When the accident happen my brother he was at the back,and he was the one look him stop breathing...Really R.I.P boy
I'm not telling The real incident

轿车撞树学院生丧命 父母心中好孩子


學院生駕車撞樹亡 葬禮上獻唱 友人哀送好兄弟

Finally Rest in Peace again,warm tips to let you know please do not drive at mid-night and avoid to drive fast-speed when mid-night

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