Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hey blogspot having a new costumes but I don't like it,I prefer old one..
Cause It make me feel blur little bit..

But I having a new new results after I had used this 
 大米牛奶美白皂 /丰胸皂/瘦身皂

This is the results when I used almost 3 week for my tummy
My legs finally slim for little 1 inch/1.2cm after I used 瘦身皂
(about 1 month plus the results out)
but I didn't capture the photo before and after,lol

Other then me my friend ms.y
She is using丰胸皂
Her burst was turned firm after using 2 week,see I'm not lying
It was true..

Hey hey who is interested can add comment ask me or pm me at FB..

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