Saturday, March 10, 2012

TOP 16 tips for you look in SPRING/SUMMER

Hey babes,how are you today?
Today I'm gonna share some tips for spring/summer look that I read from magazine and you should have
Tips 1:Pop goes THE POUT
(with a dramatic lip shade in all shades of rouge(red), orange and pink)

Tips 2:ORE'S well
(with precious metals such as silver and gold,dabs some glitter on the lids teamed with coloured liner or just lash liners drawn with metallic liner)

Tips 3:Ms Havisham look
( Tied up your hair ,finally messy it with French twists)

Tips 4:In the fresh
( look make-up free with base and complete your look with 2 layer of mascara and a light dusting of brush)

Tips 5:Get Braidy
(French braids,pigtails,fishtails)

tips 6:Hair couture

Tips 7:Throw a line
( black liner that ended with thick flicks)

Tips 8: Sheer sensation
(Adding striking colors on face,sheer pastels dusted on lids and cheeks to enhance sweetness and femininity)

Tips 9: Festival feast
(Think psychedelic pieces teamed up with denims and fringe-detailed or cowboy boots)

Tips 10: Nautical way
(Integrate some bold pieces into your wardrobe)

Tips 11:Pretty Peplum

Tips 12: Digi-Techno
(Pumped up kicks with hi tech-inspired prints,sci-fi,3D effects)

Tips 13: Cowgirl cool
(Yee-ha! Urbanise country styles)

tips 14: Abstract Art
( Modern lines to angular couture)

Tips 15:Tropical Touch
(Full floral midi skirt,floral jumpsuits)

Tips 16: Cropped Outerwear
(play on proportion,worn with pants or flowy dresses)

Hope you all enjoy reading and pick a suitable fashion for the SUMMER/SPRING season

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