Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey,is New

Hey,Peoples..How are you today..
Seriously these few day the whether's bad,terrible bad
I'm not feeling well for these few day,but not so serious just headache and tired
But my boy,he was very ill for this 2 days,he's having high fever, ate medicine but still can't recover
he's asking help from me while I'm working finally he went his-self for his doctor..
Until now he still having fever hopefully he will be ok at tomorrow..

While back to the topic
I'm having a new Galaxy SAMSUNG Tab 10.1 that bought from My boy
See I took from my Instagram photo is 4square pic only
Em..what I can I give the command for this tab..
I feel that is perfect but compare to Ipad I feel Ipad is more perfectly lol,what I'm talking about

Next,I'm having my French Nail again with pearl and stone
I decorate it as a ribbon

I just like ribbon without any reason

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