Friday, March 23, 2012

Facebook apps

Hooray!!finally I finish my mid-term today..
Lol,i played cheat for my Malaysian Studies..wakaka..I'm so 'pro'
ell actually I'm do nothing for my blog

So I pick one topic for myself...
Facebook apps that I play or should I say FB game

1)Cooking Mama
Lol,my brother always say me play this childish game and boring game..'fcuk'
I'm really like cooking game cause I really like to cook
So I'm really enjoy this game although is childish==

2)My shop
Another childish game lo,quite enjoyable cause when up level you can manage
to open the shop that you like..

3)Tetris Battle
Lol,this not childish game,cause my brother also plays this ==
Quite challenging our mind

So enjoy your day,babies

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