Sunday, February 5, 2012

Underworld: Awakening

First I should ask you guys have you all watching this movie for previous series or now??
It was so so great..I cant imaging that this is a movie about fighting/vampires
Cause I didnt watching for the previous series

Can you imaging that main actress Kate Beckinsale she is now 38 yrs old
she make me unbelievable,she look so gorgeous,look so slim,look so young in actual age

Kate Beckinsale

India Eisley you believe that she is just in just 18 yrs old..OMG she having a big eyes ( that I always dream for) sexy shape lip ( that I wish to have it)she just look mature and look like a barbie doll
India Eisley

I hope underworld will having next series cause I m fall in love with this vampires story

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