Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Update for Sunday post..
I,mom,grandma went for Aeon Jusco
Guess for what?For the nearest Sasa..wakaka
Cause my mom she decide to buy this

Anosa slim patch-Sasa is doing promotion
2 boxes cost only rm99
per box contains 8 pcs of slim patch

I'm using too..cause I fucking fat now(lol..rude,babe)
But I not really sure does it work or not?
Let's see the photo of my fat belly
Can you see that,

Top fr Acewin,just cost rm16 (fucking cheap)
Bottom fr two nine shop
Ribbon-band fr BKK

Next..I just camwhole

Currently as my FB profile photo,I just damn like it

Enjoy the day with my sweet photo..haha

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