Sunday, February 26, 2012


Let's us save our Malaysia

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Update for Sunday post..
I,mom,grandma went for Aeon Jusco
Guess for what?For the nearest Sasa..wakaka
Cause my mom she decide to buy this

Anosa slim patch-Sasa is doing promotion
2 boxes cost only rm99
per box contains 8 pcs of slim patch

I'm using too..cause I fucking fat now(lol..rude,babe)
But I not really sure does it work or not?
Let's see the photo of my fat belly
Can you see that,

Top fr Acewin,just cost rm16 (fucking cheap)
Bottom fr two nine shop
Ribbon-band fr BKK

Next..I just camwhole

Currently as my FB profile photo,I just damn like it

Enjoy the day with my sweet photo..haha

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A post for the most I been love

Today is your Birthday..
This year you are without me..
How are you recently,boy
Seriously sometime I'm missing you
I think back the day we together, I think back the happiest we had
I think we together for 4 year but finally I give up you for some reason..
Sometime I feel regret about it

Em..seriously I just feel I'm idiot..

Finally A very best wish for you,my boy
Happy Birthday,boy
I miss you,I do

Friday, February 17, 2012


Helo baby,so fast is coming to end of the month..
Have you all feel that our time just pass and pass so fast..
Yup,next month will be having Mid-term again..
Yuck,I haven't be ready yet for everything
But I can confirm one things,I gonna be travel with my mom at this May/June or maybe July
Yes,this kinda sure cause I was starting saving money for my trip..
The else will be support by mom..
So my Iphone 4s kinda be postpone again..
Doesn't matter cause Iphone 5 will release soon right,just wait for it and waiting for the previous phone price decrease..This is what can I do as a student currently..

End up here,have a nice day,baby

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's eve

Hey babes,how is your life currently?
Em...mine just pass smoothly..

Yup,today is Valentine's eve..
Any idea for tomorrow?
Having romantic dinner with the lover?normal celebration?
Buying super duper expensive gift that you never buy before for your lover?
Movie together?Travel together? or else..
I'm really don't no what should I do for tomorrow...
Buying a gift,yes I do
Having a romantic dinner,seriously no..
normal celebration,yes (surely having a dinner but unromantic dinner,lol)

So,end here..update soon..Bye

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Underworld: Awakening

First I should ask you guys have you all watching this movie for previous series or now??
It was so so great..I cant imaging that this is a movie about fighting/vampires
Cause I didnt watching for the previous series

Can you imaging that main actress Kate Beckinsale she is now 38 yrs old
she make me unbelievable,she look so gorgeous,look so slim,look so young in actual age

Kate Beckinsale

India Eisley you believe that she is just in just 18 yrs old..OMG she having a big eyes ( that I always dream for) sexy shape lip ( that I wish to have it)she just look mature and look like a barbie doll
India Eisley

I hope underworld will having next series cause I m fall in love with this vampires story

Annual dinner

This post should be early post during Jan..
It was my 2nd year at D'monte Kindergarten..
Last year I was At Penang but this year I m at SP..
Located at Park Avenue Hotel
This year is D'monte 16th Anniversary-Sweet 16th
So all will be in year 60 s style with pink color,sure me too..

Let photos do some talking

I'm in participate with game-blowing balloon

dancing in the group-'too too train'

Finally I didn't have any lucky draw present that they have been prepared for 50 packs
What a wonderful night

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rm200 Voucher for College/U student

You see my title sure you know I am talking about rm200 book voucher..
I got it finally..unfortunately not cash$$..why....
Haha..It's from government.Not bad also lah..
Last year my youngest brother had rm100 cash for primary student..

so I will starting shop at book store for restock my stationary and papers..

Lastly I'm having a great results for my 1st sem..
see..not need referral