Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to my room

Hey is time to talks about new year eve..
How's your guys pass your new year eve??clubbing??countdowning with singers??
My new year eve is celebrating moving to new house..
As I mention before I'm kinda busy for it..
Finally I'm staying now with my grandma..

House opening did at night..
Having Barbeque,steamboat party...

Skip it..go to the point..My room..
Every girls favorite colour-pink
Dream for a lovely,pinky,sweetie,warming,flora,bedroom..
Finally I have it...No..I have it when I was young but now I get the perfect one...
Let's photos do some talking...

I turn my bedroom with pink and white color with L shape surface
(All the bedroom set choose by me)

Super love cupboard

Super nice and lovely flower window curtains
(choose by my mom)

Washroom foot map also pink,curtain for door
all choose by mom

Here is my cupboard,arrange with dark tone to bright tone colour..
And also with colourful hanger

My make-up sliding board with 3 layer drawers
I arrange my accessories with difference drawers

Small cupboard with 2 drawer
I put it as my Nail equipment...

I think I should add more furniture in my bedroom..
Oh ya,I still didnt have my personal shoes rack...
Cause I'm a shoes lover....

End here,bye