Friday, January 13, 2012

How to keep ur skin younger with Lennox firm up & Hada Labo

Well well,today I would like to talk about my daily care for my skin..
Skin-I feel that It's the most important for all ladies especially-our face..
Can you imaging that If suddenly ur pretty smooth face pop-out with alot of pimples like this?!

It's really yuck and I had my experience before when I'm in secondary school..
It was such a sad things and make me down on that time..

How I take care of my skin right now?!
Lennox firm-up molecule Collagen Drink

Let's talk about Lennox firm-up molecule Collagen Drink that I used to drink since last year 2011 Oct until now is almost 3months I used to drink..
How does it works?!
Lennox firm-up Low molecule Collagen Drink contains:
1)Low molecule collagen(低分子水性胶原蛋白)-that builds our skin moisture shield and promotes skin firmness(有效滋润肌肤深层,促进肌肤紧实,弹性有活力)
2)Vitamin C(维生素C)-help our skin diminishing the effects of free radical damage and protect our skin from the UV rays'damage(减少体内多余的自由基,紫外线对肌肤的破坏)
3)Vitamin E(维生素E)-Protects the skin from the destructive actions of oxidization(活跃保护肌肤,免受氧化的伤害)
4)Coenzyme Q10(辅助酶Q10)-protect our skin cells and collagen from damages of oxidization and improves energy of cells and promotes skin metabolism,also helps to reduce or delay the appearance of wrinkles,varicose veins,cellulite,scars age spots,edema and bruises(保护肌肤细胞及胶原蛋白免受氧化,预防老化,减少皱纹的产生和岁月的斑纹,更能提高细胞能量及促进新陈代谢)

Lennox not only help our skin moisture,firming,anti UV protection and else..It also can whitening,improve make up application for our skin..
So how can you miss up with this ultimate multi-action from Lennox firm-up that always Revitalize(活性化),Protect(防御),Moisturize(保湿)

Frequently Asked Ouestions:
Q1)When is the best time to consume Lennox Firm-up
A1)Early in the morning before breakfast or at bedtime.
Q2)When can I see the result?
A2)Takes approximately 28 days,best result can be seen in 4 weeks of continuous consumption.

Q3)Collagen drinks in the market appear to be of very high concentration.Can be trusted?

A3)Don't trust it,every 3 days top up 5000mg of collagen is enough for our body cause our body also produces its own collagen.

Q4)Is there any side effect?

A4)Of course NO! 100% of natural ingredients that have ever been reported.It's safe and naturally.

Suggested Usage:
1)First time user take 1 bottle daily at night or morning for 10 days
2)Repeat users take 1 bottle every 2-3 days at night or morning

Results for myself:
1)I feel that my skin turn smooth and moisture after I used to drink in 2 weeks..
2)My make up application turned more long-lasting even though until mid-night
3)My skin turn bright and shine

Sure not only Beauty supplements,daily skin cares must have too that I use it every!

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Series
(It's FREE of frangrances,mineral oil,alcohol&colorant with pH balanced & low irritation)

1)Face wash-contain advances skin hydrating ingredient-Super Hyaluronic Acid with twice moisture retention to visible improve ski texture and prevent dryness to keeps skin stays soft,hydrated and supple.

2)Lotion-contain ~Nano Hyaluronic Acid that easily penetrates into the skin innermost layer to deeply moisturize the skin.

~Super Hyaluronic Acid that keep skin hydrated&smooth for a longer period of time
~Hyaluronic Acid-effectively locks in moisture on skin

3)Moisturizing Milk-moisturized deeply,offering nourishing hydration and skin-smoothing conditioners leaves it with natural,healthy looking grow

Lastly daily sun-block

Whiten& protect moisturizing cream SPF 15 - Anti dark spot&dullness
with herbal extract + pure lemon essence

How does it works?
Helps you recover fairer and more even skin
Immediately complexion is visibly brighter 80%
After 28 days, dark spots are less appearent 76%
Antidullness efficacy 93%

Here are the ways that I use to be my skin always keep moisture,smoother,and whiten.
Enjoy reading.

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