Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY post

Hey 'sayang',I m back right now after 1 week..Em..what should I start for my post?
Let's talk about CNY eve...how is your CNY eve?
Em..my One pretty good,playing fireworks when reaching 12am...
'pong' 'pong' 'pong'

Finally went to 'Kek lok si' for praying and of course for the bright bright pretty lights..

Unfortunately,was raining on that time until the rain stop we only go back for hunting food at

Now talk about 'Chu 2' wake up early in the morning is time to go back Penang but at night is going back SP again for reunion dinner with grandma
On the way to penang

my 'xiao guai' is wearing her 'cheong sam' "xiao guai" is saying gong xi gong xi to all

'Chu 3' wake up quite late,so happy meet some old friends..At night having a reunion dinner at Penang again

Dinner dress

I'm sexy and I know it-wow,sexy back

With cousin aunt,brother

'Yum Sing'

with 2 brothers

with aunt,cousin,brother

Khoo family with 'ah mah' and youngest cousin

Finally with family photo

My 'chu 3' end like this?No,we went for second round-‘kek lok si' temple again..

'Chu 4' was my movie,I m rushing up for top CNY movie with my cousins because my hubby he is going Hatyai with his buddies..

I love Hong Kong 2012 & All's well end well 2012

It's not bad,I give 4 stars/ 5

'chu 5'  been watching 'Ah bend the movie: 3 wishes

End here,bye bye

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy CNY

Happy dragon year for year 2012....May you all dream come true all the best in Dragon year,'Ong ong' and 'Huat ar'..Will be update soon for regarding days...Finally wish you all龙年行大运。

Friday, January 20, 2012


As you see my title, Aha CNY is coming soon..
Countdown for 3 days..How is ur preparation,guys?
Most excited is wearing new clothes, taking 'ang pau',eat eat and eat,watching new year movie from Raymond Wong,finally is gambling..

Sure, the most important is outfit of the day..
No matter your clothes is not from branded shop,if you know how to mix and match is enough..
So let be your own style,cheers...

Lets start it..
Photo as below are my brand new stuffs..Em..or should I say I'm selling..
Haha..Is not for sell..Money spending like a water..no lah,some..that i bought early& just keep it

Outfit for CNY eve

Outfit for CNY day 1 (day)

Outfit for CNY day 1 (night)

Outfit for CNY day 2 (day)

Outfit for CNY day 2 (night)

Outfit for CNY day 3 (day)

Outfit for CNY day 3 (night)

Outfit for CNY day 4

Outfit for CNY day 5

Outfit for CNY day 6

Outfit for CNY day 7 (cost me rm159.90)

Haha..temporary until CNY day-7..will be update for outfit day 8 and so so..

Add up daily photo when do some shopping
jumpsuit short fr Jasmine
Belt fr net
Chanel earring
sunflower handmade bag

CNY extension nail with red,purple,pink plus zebra art,stone,glitter

Toes art with pink tone plus zebra art

End here,enjoy reading