Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tutorial for Toes nail( Red for Xmas)

Hey peeps I m Back
Finally I changes again my Big Toes..
I'm telling you why
Cause Santa Claus is coming to town...

Are you ready to DIY for your Xmas?
OK, let see what we should need..

  • 1) base coat
  • 2)red colour with shimmer
  • 3)red colour with tiny glitter
  • 4)top coat
  • 5)nail glue
  • 6)tweezer

How about the decoration?
Things that you needs:as picture below

  • <1>crystal stone no.30
  • <2>crystal stone no.8
  • <3>crystal stone no.6
  • <4>gold metal ball (small size)
  • <5>pink pearl(small size)

Lets start to DIY:
Before you start,shape your nails if needed
Step 1: Apply a layer of Base coat to avoid your nails turn yellowish
Step 2: Apply a layer of 2)red colour with shimmer until half of your nail
(same as the picture below)

Step 3: Apply a layer of 3)red colour with tiny glitter on another half of the nail that still empty with nail colour
(same as the picture below)

Step 4: Repeat again as Step 2 & Step 3 ( too make sure that the colours is blended together)
Step 5:Apply a layer of Top coat to let your nail colour look for shinny
(same as picture below)

Hey girls,take how long to polish your nails??
Finish polish, Let's start for the decoration on your big toes...

Step 1:Take your tweezer to pick the<1>crystal stone no.30 stick at the center
(remember before stick your stone must apply some nail glue)
(same as the picture below)

Step 2: Stick with the <4>gold metal ball around the crystal stone
(Reminder: You must be patient on it,cause It's quite difficult)
(same as the picture below)

Step 3:Stick <2>crystal stone no.8 at the 4 corners-left,right,up,down
(same as the picture below)

Step 4:Stick <5>pink pearl and the following<3>crystal stone no.6 between the 4 corners
(same as the picture below)

Finally done

Wish you all happy DIY for today

If you love it,pls leave me a comment..thank you

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