Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday should I starting my post?
Just feel that I'm not in that mood to updating my blog..
Well..outfit for Saturday to meet old friend


Ok,let's talk about my Sunday..
Actually I'm quite busy for my house..
Cause I will be move to new house and stay with my grandma..
So I will not staying with my parents but sure always will be with them cause just far from few houses only..
Busy for cleaning,washing,mopping,wapping..
And finally I got my time for dental check up..
Since 2 years ago,I take out my braces,I had been no more for my dental check up..
So I went it for washing my teeth,to remove the dirt on my teeth..
Just share to you that from my dentist,she's telling me we need to go for dental check up at least once time/year to make sure our teeth is healthy
And have you all do that??
Until now I'm still wearing my retainer to maintain my teeth

Can you see that my teeth with the shinning surface?That is the retainer!

Finally end up with my spec photo..
Seldom see it right..haha

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