Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get the Ferris Wheel Shoe rack today! #clhomedeco #milkadeal

Get the Ferris Wheel Shoe rack today! #clhomedeco #milkadeal

MAD Deal of the day: RM185 instead of RM269 for Ferris Wheel Shoe Rack (Stores 30 Pairs of Shoes) from CL Home Deco [31% OFF]

Most of us are in love with shoes and we never have enough space to keep em' especially Shoe-lovers out there.CL Home Deco brings you the Ferris Wheel Shoe Rack to help you organize your lovely shoes today!

The Ferris Wheel Shoe Rack can store up to 30 pair of shoes and it makes picking a pair of shoe so much easier. Give your lovely shoes the proper care and keep em’ tidy!

Tell your friends about this deal and be rewarded with every purchase they make through your link.

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