Thursday, December 22, 2011


Amy:Hey,SIRI which smartphone plan is most affordable?
SIRI:You don't know??LMAO..sure is DIGI iPHONE smartplans is the most affordable

As you see my title,why I say that DIGI iPHONE 4sure most affordable.
You can see that DIGI iPHONE S just from RM2090 compare with Maxis RM2190

As you see this,you can choose any plan from DIGI to do your payment that you can afford with 2 yrs contract.
iDIGI 88/iDIGI138/iDIGI238

Note it that from DIGI when you purchase:

Notes Regarding iPhone 4S

a) Get rebates** of RM5 x 24 months if you sign-up for Auto Billing*
a) Buy any smartphone with DG Smart Plan™ and get additional savings up to RM480:
  • Rebates** of RM15 x 24 months when you purchase any smartphone with DG Smart™ Plan 68 under the 24-month contract
  • Rebates** of RM5 x 24 months if you sign-up for Auto Billing*

b) Advanced payment*** is required for all smartphone with DG Smart Plan™:
DG Smart Plan™ Phone Contract Tenure (Months) Advanced payment for DEVICE (RM) Advanced payment for PLAN (RM) TOTAL Advanced payment (RM)
48 12 50 48 98
48 24 250 48 298
68 12 300 68 368
68 24 500 68 568
***All advanced payments is NOT an extra charge.

for more detail,pls via

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