Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nail Art again

It's raining again for today..
I don't like it..Its make me sleepy
I will like to share my own nail art again for my big toes and finger nails..
I decide to make some tutorial about the nail art for sharing with you all next time..
I promise,K??(but don't no when)
But now I still sharing about the material,color that I had use..

Here is my nail art for my toes..
And I name it as
Pinky Little Star

Materials/colors that I use:
  • Base Coat & Top Coat
  • 2 different colors of pink(light & dark tone)
  • 3D Star from Acrylic Powder with mould (if you didn't have,you can find different material to exchanges it)
  • Silver glitter
  • Blue/red stone
  • Nail Glue

How about for my finger nails?
As usual
French Nail with Silver Glitter

Is just love,simple and nice..
Hopefully next time I'll be making nail art tutorial..
Bye,see you

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