Saturday, November 5, 2011

Experience make Perfect

Hey dar,as I told you all before I'll be going for modelling competition right??
(4/11)Friday night I having a super great experience at Voodoo,Penang.
It was high and

Let's talk about how I get in for this modelling contest..
Last week I just saw from FB that Amber Chia Academy having this Asia Model Festival Award 2011/2012(AMFA) that make me feel that should I take action to join it..
I'm like an ant on the hot pot,think and think about it..
Finally I decide to submit my personal details to this academy...
The next 2 days I was so surprised I received a call from their staff and said that I had invited for this competition..
I know that was 30 contestants will be take part..And I am the one..
finally that was 12 contestants hits for 1st round..
but at the last 10 of contestants take park of it..

I went there around 8pm,my cousin they're so great they support me,help me,fetch me but the show will only start at 12am until 1:30am
Reach there I starting make-up, we making rehearsal,make some practice,meet some new friends
We have 3 part of costume wear-casual wear, swimming wear,party dress

Let's see our photo that I grab from Photographers

can you spot me?

Finally I would like to say those models they're very pro, I'm very enjoy that I have see they 'power'
although I didn't get in for 2nd round,I'm very appreciate that (AMFA) give me this chance to have this kind of experience..

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