Saturday, November 19, 2011

4 doggy in Da house

Oh gosh,finally I fall asleep at 3am mid-night..
Wanna show you all something..
See 4 doggy in Da house-Ah-Jack,Ah-Dog,Puppy,Xiao-Guai

Ah-Jack is a 5 months baby dog new member since from yesterday
Ah-Dog,he is my boy-friend puppy about 6 years
Puppy,he stay with us since he was 1 week small baby dog,now he was 1 years with us(you can find out my last year post-his name is kido)but he prefer we call him as puppy
Xiao-Guai,she just with us 2 months

I love them very much,I'm the dog lover..I always crazy with the doggy even big or small,quite or noisy

Let us know more about them
Ah-Jack,he is toy poodle mix with schnauzer
I have it from mum friend,he look pity-cute right,but he has a loud sound when he's bark..
Ah-Dog,he is a pure schnauzer,he is getting old(6 yrs)
Calculating for doggy 1 year=7 years old(He is 42 years old now)but he didnt make baby yet,so he is waiting for Xiao-Guai
Puppy,he is chihuahua mix with pinscher,so he is hyper active and noisy but he is funny too.
He is a clever doggy never been cheated with us,his character is not allow people too carry him,even we are family
Xiao Guai,she is a shih-tzu mix.She is a good eating doggy,every moment she just want to eat, my mum always scare she'll be over-weight

So have a nice day in Saturday

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