Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Short update

Let see how is my hand-work now..
New design for my big toes with sexy big red color with adding some laces and 3d soft fruits-print

How is the colorful juices??awesome right?!
all with the fresh pulp..
drink healthy be strongly

Happy birthday DAD!!

Tonight I celebrate my love on you....
A lil.update for my dad post..
Happy Belated Birthday to my dad!!
23 Oct was my dad birthday,we having our dinner at MAE SALONG RESTAURANT
199-E, Kampung Bakar Bata
Sungai Petani
Mr. Lim 012-725-5389
Mdm. Low 019-576-8691
Ms.Lim 019-458-6451

After that we pass out time at Tesco Selatan
At 11pm we went back home for the celebration

~homemade cupcake
~just bread fruit cake

My dad,birthday man

Dad cutting the cake blowing the candle
( xiao guai & puppy celebrated too)

Our photo:eldest,younger brother,me with 'xiao guai' shi szu,DAD,mum & 'puppy'

both of them eating birthday cake too!!

That all,bye

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mid-term soon

Well well well,finally i'm free for updating my blog..
Am I turning lazy to write my blog??Seriously got..

Next week is my 1st exam(Mid-term)in my study life..
Previously just having some quiz..
But i can handle it,but Mid-term i feel nervous..
It's taking me 50 marks..

It's my time to do some revision..
But i feel I'M SO LAZY to touch my notez...
So bless myself..BE SMART

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello Kitty debit card by HongLeong bank

Guys have you all saw from Facebook Hello Kitty Debit card will be launch at Sp HongLeong bank this 18 OCT 2011 soon.. I would like to have it for myself, it's pretty cute.
You just need rm200 to create an account with them..
I sure this will be a lot ladies apply it cause most of them will be the kitty lover..
Am i right???So i will stay tuned for it and get myself 1

Real steel

Hurry check out for this movie,It was really nice all

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ultimate cheesy 7 pizza

Are you really to eat this Ultimate cheesy 7 pizza??
No, are dare to taste it??can you handle it??
It contains 7 types of cheeses, it was amazing, those cheesy lover can have a try
I had tasted it, when is your turn??

Finally with my photo

Monday, October 10, 2011

3 days 2 night

First what mean 3 days 2 night for me?
Ya,I having my UBS short courses in this 3 days at Tanjung Bunga Beach Hotel
I had took this 3 courses UBS Accounting/UBS Inventory & billing/UBS Payroll
So immediately study,immediately exam..
It's really make me confusing and headache..

But it was fun also,at least i had meet with new friends
Learn somethings new
And i ate a lot,almost 5 meals/day

so I get my results and cert after 3 months..
Tired,sweet dream all

白蛇传说 (The Sorcerer And The White Snake)

Dear peeps,have you all going for this movie?
It's was a legend story since long long years ago..
Actually this was a love story about herbalist and white snake 'fairy'

It was touching me,but I know from grandparents this was a long episode legend Chinese drama more touched