Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 2 for study

Am i look like a GHOST??

Bonjour everyones,I almost fall asleep in my college life for today..
As i mentioned before I took Diploma in Business Management was so calculatable.. Why why tell me why??All in CALCULATION!!
Mama-miya,I hate so..

Oh ya,forgot to mention I study at COSMOPOINT,this was under KLMU..
Was so near to my house,not enough 5mins i will reach there..
I have 8 Sem/sem 4 or5 subject

Now I'm starting Sem 1:


(b)PC Competency

(c)Business Mathematics
(d)Contemporary Business
So far,I still feel easy too but i not sure future will it be easy..

Add oil,miss khoo,i know you will make it..

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