Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello August!

Welcome my August,haha..yes my lovely August cause i drop my birthday in this Month.Sorry again for my post without any nice photo.More two weeks is my birthday,my sweet 19th birthday,drop in 14th August.Remember to wish me ya,peeps^o^ I just wishing i can go back my hometown again,this year i just want to celebrate with my parents N brothers,yes,i was too less with my sweet family.That's why i very enjoyed my movement with my family.Sorry for less talking about friends,sure you guys know it how important families compare with friends.Friends promise next time will 'joi' you all out.I turn home-sick,cause i notices that we must appreciate everything that parents give us N NOT regret when everything turn none.(mean maybe parents had pass away or sickness,touch wood)Spend more time with dear family cause that is what they want,Is REAL.
END my post here,tq

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