Monday, July 18, 2011

Penang Matta Fair

Hey Matta Fair,you are coming soon this Friday.I had been waiting for you since June.I'm damn excited you are coming this Friday.I need a holiday for myself,I need a rest,I hope I can leave out all my work and let people handed it,just for few days(3/4days is enough to me)
I'm happy while working but it was my hope for this year go for holiday.I wished i can go with my parents but now man decide want to go with me choice.No need expensive trip,no need go too far,maybe Bali/PHUKET/else is enough to me.Damn wanna shout out
Planning to Taiwan next year,would it be?Hopefully>_<
Hope this year Matta fair got a perfect package for me,bless@_@

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