Saturday, May 21, 2011

This day with you

19/5First meeting with you,hahaha..i m out of mine mind doing this kind of dating..
I never doing this type of dated with stranger but dont no why i got this action to you..
I never think about any incident will happen if you are a bad guy,luckily you are a good guy..

I never feel nervous when with you,i just feel that you are very warm & caring about me
Maybe you are more elder than me and you are very mature
This is what i want as my real man

We had been went to Queesbay mall having a lunch at SAKAE SUSHI

Chit-chat a lot,but you are still feel shy,OMG..
Next bought a movie ticket PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES in 3D

Next journey went to snake temple

We prayed then visited snake farm
It's really excited cause i had been touch a big snake from head to tail..Am i braved?

So by the way visited KEK LOK SI temple

We walked though it,damn tired and feel hot..
Big sun was burning my freshly skin(haha)
Sure will having a famous local food at there,what is that?
LAKSA,yummy!! although was a big hot sunny day

Finish visited,we went to WAT CHAYAMANGKALARAM temple,
on the way to there, engine temperature was hot so leave to a side wait for it cool fill up water

Finish visited,is our time go back to Queensbay mall watching our movie..
Seriously this was my 1st time watching 3D movie and with you..
Was a nice movie,no wonder fully all the hall
I am very appreciate to you for everything that i had never feel it before..

So i am asking myself shall i fall in love with you?

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