Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bad luck on this MAY

Yesterday car had been bang by rapid bus,damn shit..
Cant do anything to him,cannot claim from him,so just did a report at police station..
I feel shame to this Indian guy family cause he is a unresponsible person,i go down talk to him his bus behind had hit my car infront bumper and light but he turn round shoot me back I had bang his bus,fxxk you..
Cant said anything,he is on duty also so he just ran away then I called my brother talk about the situation,went back grandma house went police station with my bro,lame took 3hrs to done it..
Very lucky my bro he knew a lot people so when back home he help me checking the car saw his friend and starting kpc(his friend)he ask about the situation straightly call his friend come.haha..his friend is a big head of rapid bus,all rapid bus penang was under him,then I save..he call this shit guy and ask him,finally the answer is he wrong said that I already let him move first but he bang my,but cannot claim lah kena hit by repair myself...god bless me please....

Friends,must careful dont bang by government car or you bang their car,no claiming can do if this incident happen...

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