Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are you dare to chase me

Now a day chaser turn a lot,swear...haha
I m not showing but I just want to let you know actually what kind of man will be my real man.
Although I belongs to somebody but I don't care,i always available..
Guys are you really fall in love with me?I dont think so,maybe still freshly so you are interest with me.
For me guys is nothing unless I really found it my real one.SO if you really want to tackle my heart you really need to work hard.I am a girl who easily been touched,that is the point you should do.
I would like people listen to me,you got it,guys?Please don't try to control me,i don't like it..
Seldom of guys can guess it what I want,include my 'belonging'.I am a secretly person,ever though you know my character but you still can't get it from me..

So guys,hey hey you you want to be my boy friend,no way no way I think you get another one......

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