Friday, April 29, 2011

let's marriage

Today is a big ROYAL life for everyones
Cause The Royal Wedding-Prince William & Catherine Middleton (Kate)
Unfortunately I cant watch live from astro or ntv7 cause I need to,work(crying)
but at least had watched this sweet couple kissed twice at balcony.I feel very touch!At this movement I think I want to marriage..
Haha..impossible,my ideal marriage age is after 24 years old..
Just saw my lovely girl friend profile,she had upload her cute baby boy at her album,hopefully she will be felicity ever and ever.SHE is the youngest mother's I never meet before..This is the 1st year she celebrate her own mother's day.
Let think when we want to get marriage,how's the feeling(just imaging it)
I think I'll be crazy about it,haha..Why say like that?For me I want a very tradition wedding for respect my be lovely parents,after that just on going with modern wedding..Haha,if I want this type of wedding it's got people want to marriage me?say Stay tuned for my future wedding

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