Monday, March 28, 2011


GOD please help me.I had cheated by a women.SOME MORE come with the boy friend.
I really really got head-wire when I knew it from ms.fong.
Luckily cheater girl said she will paid the balance that I gave her discount price.(ms fong straight away call her)
Story was like that,yesterday I had been worked at qb.nearly 10pm this 2 cheater came in and took slot of nail instrument when they want to pay money,cheater girl said she was the member but we cant find her member list,is ok as a customer sure we will help them to find it and asking about when she joining membership and else.She told me everything that it's like real.SHe said was boss served her and forgot to give her a form fill up the detail.
SO I trusted,then SHIT lah,CHEATED!
Is OK,had a lesson from it.
God bless me.

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