Friday, January 14, 2011


CNY is coming soon,that mean my aunty will be come back..
Is my time to decide whether i will follow her going back to S'pore or not...
Cousin sister always ask me this question also,i said i am ok up to you..b'cuz i already made my decision...

I WILL NOT FOLLOW TO S'PORE,cuz my all dearest said i'm still little girl,very dangerous at there..
but 1st i objection cuz i wanna have a try,but when i think nicely....i starting agree what are my dearest said...
At there maybe i will'kena bully'by them
i still really a little girl dunno living life at there
AND more..

So i will not going to there right now,maybe wait i more adult...
cousin,sorry i cant help you..all is depend on you..

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