Monday, December 26, 2011

1 day at Setiawann

Last Friday,went to Setiawan,Perak with mom & her friends..
It's was so great cause this is my first time saw big turtles and lil.babies..
I hold it and capture with them..
Located at Turtle conservation and Information center
Pasir Panjang Segari,Perak Darul Ridzuan

On the way..Camhole with lil brother

Big turtles

Babies turtles..about 2 months

Camhole with cute turtles

End for the turtles,we went for prayed
This is the most famous 'Dua Pek Kong' at Setiawan
Here are the photos...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho,Merry Xmas for 2011..

Santa Claus is coming to town,may you all dream come true

And get ready for new year 2012

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Diapers for doggy

Yes, you didn't see wrong title..
Currently my 'xiao guai' she is on diapers..
Cause she is MC now..
Do you know,Female doggy also has MC same like ladies??
When Female doggy MC-ing is time to mating, this is the different with the ladies and female doggy MC twice times per year..

This is the diapers look like with the image of cartoon and a hole at the center..
Hole is for what? Is for the doggy tail..

See, she is so cute when wearing the diapers

End here,is times to sleep
Good night,peace


Everyone know that Iphone 4s which this amazing SIRI system..
Have you grab for yourself??
Go to your nearest Digi store always your smartest choice !

em,why SIRI and DIGI are my best companions?NOT only for me is for you,he,she and everybody.. SIRI can companion you every moment,everywhere, SIRI why is our best companion..

Let's us ask some examples that from I Phone user...

So how do you feel??Great right??
I hope I can win it from DIGI, dear Santa Claus..

May my wish come true..TQ


Amy:Hey,SIRI which smartphone plan is most affordable?
SIRI:You don't know??LMAO..sure is DIGI iPHONE smartplans is the most affordable

As you see my title,why I say that DIGI iPHONE 4sure most affordable.
You can see that DIGI iPHONE S just from RM2090 compare with Maxis RM2190

As you see this,you can choose any plan from DIGI to do your payment that you can afford with 2 yrs contract.
iDIGI 88/iDIGI138/iDIGI238

Note it that from DIGI when you purchase:

Notes Regarding iPhone 4S

a) Get rebates** of RM5 x 24 months if you sign-up for Auto Billing*
a) Buy any smartphone with DG Smart Plan™ and get additional savings up to RM480:
  • Rebates** of RM15 x 24 months when you purchase any smartphone with DG Smart™ Plan 68 under the 24-month contract
  • Rebates** of RM5 x 24 months if you sign-up for Auto Billing*

b) Advanced payment*** is required for all smartphone with DG Smart Plan™:
DG Smart Plan™ Phone Contract Tenure (Months) Advanced payment for DEVICE (RM) Advanced payment for PLAN (RM) TOTAL Advanced payment (RM)
48 12 50 48 98
48 24 250 48 298
68 12 300 68 368
68 24 500 68 568
***All advanced payments is NOT an extra charge.

for more detail,pls via

Walk 10,000 steps a day to be #healthy and to promote good for mental health

Walk 10,000 steps a day to be #healthy and to promote good for mental health

10,000 steps to a healthier you!

Our fast-paced and hectic lifestyle requires us to not just be active everyday but also to watch what we consume daily especially the consumption of salt and sugar.

Do you know that just by walking 10,000 steps each day, you burn more than 300 calories? By choosing the stairs instead of an elevator or walking to a park further from your destination and making the time to go for a walk, it can help strengthen your muscles and bones.

Here are some tips:
- Find shoes that can double as dress/work shoes and walking shoes so you can always be ready to walk.
- Don’t email your co-worker down the hall, walk to them instead. Save the email and phone calls to talk to them for a closer contact

Think about it the next time you say hello to your colleagues and loved ones. Those few steps everyday can make you a fitter and healthier person! Also don't forget to reduce the carbs and only consume what your body needs to maintain a healthy living. Happy holidays!

So...Let's we move it....

Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday should I starting my post?
Just feel that I'm not in that mood to updating my blog..
Well..outfit for Saturday to meet old friend


Ok,let's talk about my Sunday..
Actually I'm quite busy for my house..
Cause I will be move to new house and stay with my grandma..
So I will not staying with my parents but sure always will be with them cause just far from few houses only..
Busy for cleaning,washing,mopping,wapping..
And finally I got my time for dental check up..
Since 2 years ago,I take out my braces,I had been no more for my dental check up..
So I went it for washing my teeth,to remove the dirt on my teeth..
Just share to you that from my dentist,she's telling me we need to go for dental check up at least once time/year to make sure our teeth is healthy
And have you all do that??
Until now I'm still wearing my retainer to maintain my teeth

Can you see that my teeth with the shinning surface?That is the retainer!

Finally end up with my spec photo..
Seldom see it right..haha

Friday, December 16, 2011


星期三理所当然是movie day。。

再附上photo on that day

final exam也快到了,加油吧

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get the Ferris Wheel Shoe rack today! #clhomedeco #milkadeal

Get the Ferris Wheel Shoe rack today! #clhomedeco #milkadeal

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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hey hey,just come back from dinner for earlier celebration
my MOM birthday..
Having dinner at Lagenda Height restaurant
Desert at Yogo Goyo(M i mention the name correct?)

OUtfit of the day:
BKK long dress

With some of my daily photos for Sunday

Em...what am I try to showing on my face?
Actually is my 'pop-out' pimple,what are tiny red spot...

What's on your Christmas wish list??

Let's talk about Christmas wish...
Actually I'm quite greedy..I always wish for somethings..
Wish for this, wish for that...
Finally.....just a wish..
Haha..people say you will grow up when you have your dream..
Wish/dream,actually is a same things..

Ok..Let's talk about my wish list:
1)Iphone 4s (sure everyone want it,because of the SIRI)
Arg...but rm2000++

2)Trip to Taiwan( I want to bring rm2k,shopping at there)

3)Exam results will be all pass

Haha..stop here..

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tutorial for Toes nail( Red for Xmas)

Hey peeps I m Back
Finally I changes again my Big Toes..
I'm telling you why
Cause Santa Claus is coming to town...

Are you ready to DIY for your Xmas?
OK, let see what we should need..

  • 1) base coat
  • 2)red colour with shimmer
  • 3)red colour with tiny glitter
  • 4)top coat
  • 5)nail glue
  • 6)tweezer

How about the decoration?
Things that you needs:as picture below

  • <1>crystal stone no.30
  • <2>crystal stone no.8
  • <3>crystal stone no.6
  • <4>gold metal ball (small size)
  • <5>pink pearl(small size)

Lets start to DIY:
Before you start,shape your nails if needed
Step 1: Apply a layer of Base coat to avoid your nails turn yellowish
Step 2: Apply a layer of 2)red colour with shimmer until half of your nail
(same as the picture below)

Step 3: Apply a layer of 3)red colour with tiny glitter on another half of the nail that still empty with nail colour
(same as the picture below)

Step 4: Repeat again as Step 2 & Step 3 ( too make sure that the colours is blended together)
Step 5:Apply a layer of Top coat to let your nail colour look for shinny
(same as picture below)

Hey girls,take how long to polish your nails??
Finish polish, Let's start for the decoration on your big toes...

Step 1:Take your tweezer to pick the<1>crystal stone no.30 stick at the center
(remember before stick your stone must apply some nail glue)
(same as the picture below)

Step 2: Stick with the <4>gold metal ball around the crystal stone
(Reminder: You must be patient on it,cause It's quite difficult)
(same as the picture below)

Step 3:Stick <2>crystal stone no.8 at the 4 corners-left,right,up,down
(same as the picture below)

Step 4:Stick <5>pink pearl and the following<3>crystal stone no.6 between the 4 corners
(same as the picture below)

Finally done

Wish you all happy DIY for today

If you love it,pls leave me a comment..thank you