Thursday, November 18, 2010

miss dear family&'poor Haji day'

Yesterday 'cool family'(include doggy)were came out..
Cause nobody work & study..(school holiday was coming but i still need to work==)

Feel so happy ..
Saw my doggy become big already was a 'ji wa wa'(mix)
He was very naughty but cute also..

My uncle(mum the 1 brother)wedding are coming soon 26/12
We all will move to KL for my uncle wedding..
very excited for waiting that date coming..

Yesterday worked at 3:30pm..
poor ms fong,she was alone to take care with her shop..
luckily her grandchild was accompany her..
until i come she only went to toilet(pity-ful)

Me same also,work none stop..
costumer one-by-one coming..
until 8:30pm went to the toilet..(haha..that time tummy very big.urine a lot :p)
1 day only new whole bill book finish..

Cause not enough people take care the shop all 'da pao'old town..
bring back shop to eat..
What a poor 'Haji Day'

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