Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just share

OMG..Etude house got sale,up to 50%(happy)
So went thought it..
bought a lot nail polish & a pack of mask..

Also got christmas collection,but still decide want to buy it or not..
Cause i seldom make up & take care on my skin..
If i make up just use few things only..

1)BB cream(skin 79)2)concealer(maybelline)3)loose powder(dodo,morning set)4)eyebrown pencil(in2it)
5)eyelashes(if want)
6)mascara(maybelline)7)eyeliner(some time will use )
8)contact lens(seldom wear)
9)lip balm(mary kay)(this also got lip mask,nice to use (trust me))
That all my make up things..
Easy & perfect..

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