Saturday, September 18, 2010

home sweet home

14/09 evening darling fetched me went back sweet home..
this was my hope 4 few months ago,finally came true..

night we went to summer having dinner then went back my home..
different feel when reached home...

i love my home so much

and sorry to my friends i didnt call u all out for 'yam cha'
cuz i jz stay at home 4 2 days only

raya potluck party

13/09 our nursery having raya potluck party..
all of us included children need to wear malay costume..

very cute my children wearing baju kurung..
and kakak helped us took a photo with some children..

4 little cuties kids

All teachers

Saturday, September 11, 2010

sELamAt haRi Raya

sElAMat HaRi raYa sAYA ucAPKaN..
ReALly eNJoded FOr tHIs 2 days..
I HAng out uNTil vERY LatE I reACHed HoMe..

FiSrt DAy(10/9)wEnt Qb ShopPINg..
bOuGHt aLOt...
SpENDed alMOst rm150++

THen tODAy WEnt to GurNey pLazA FOr WAtchING
olD COw VS tENdeR grASs..
nOt reAllY niCE thE movIE But STill oK..
QuiET FunnY alSO..

BoUGht THingS AGain..Haiz...

nEw DogGy NaMe kiDo

ThIs wAs My neW DogGy..naMe KiDo..
he OnlY 10 DayS..
grAndMa FriENd giVe hER WaNT..
VerY cUte,I lOve HIm..
He wOKe uP drINk ThEn sLEep..
slEeP aND DRinK aGaIN..
liKe bABY..
rEAlly He ONly a BAbY..

09/09 长长久久结婚日




Wednesday, September 8, 2010

6/9 hang out with my dearest

This day went out with hubby.. (no work today)
he came out to find me for gathering..(long time didnt see him already)

so we went to queensbay for watching movie & eat..
we watch PIRANHA..was a nice movie(got a shocked also)

we went to bak kut teh king to eat bak kut teh...
and took our sweet photo...

at grandma house i starting took photo again..haha

i love u dear...

5/9 happy birthday to friend n cousins+concert2010(d'monte)

5/9 very busy on this days..
and also was hui see,my cousin bro,sis birthday..
Happy birthday to all of you..

Miss khoo was busy for the d'monte concert(2010)
cause i'm the incharge teacher for my dance(life of ali baba)
Our theme for this year was Alibaba musical and we had our concert at Dewan Sri Pinang...

Before went to dewan.. sure took some photo

The concert end around that movement i like madwoman walking here and there to settle my children...==

Saturday, September 4, 2010

baby was back + new nail extension

Baby was back yesterday took airasia at 2pm..
cause he got holiday for 2 week at UTM..
thx alot muslim peoples(hari raya)

But feel not so happy..
y??i also dunno...
aftnoon done my nail extension(cousin gf did it,i lazy+no mood)

so nw my nail become long again..
i love it cause very nice...

this like princess diana...right(love this)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

31/08 happy birthday to malaysia

Yesterday was our merdeka & also 16/9 is our malaysia day..
damn bored this day cause nothing to do...

watching movie for whole days..
until night having a dinner with all my family..
feel long time didnt have this big gathering already so quite siok yesterday night..

imy family
my dear